Jonk-Q Mosileeleelee (JQM) has always had a deep respect for words and their place in the cosmos.  But it is images that really make his brow crust over with sea salt.  And so, in between the cannery, the ranch, the sea, the dream state and other outgrowths of consciousness, JQM has always enjoyed taking photographs.  To be clear, JQM does not share his photographs because he thinks they are any good.  No, he shares them because he finds talking about them to be insufferable.  And because people ask.  And because because.  JQM has always been fond of answering questions with because because.

The rectangle JQM likes to examine when bird watching.

In JQM's world, cracked tomatoes taste better than non-cracked tomatoes.

Often it's whiskey. A good part of the time it's snus. But on that particular day, it was existential chewing gum.

A weary Aspen tree that looked at JQM for a very long time over lunch.

The place from which change is possible.

JQM's ruminations on sitting in traffic and the nature of drivers on a snowy November evening.

Even JQM needs a pastor when the mud is thick.

And when all the lights came on, what seemed like one thing was indeed another.

A portal that JQM followed one night after the Trump election.

JQM has always thought very highly of oranges. Never a one has ever rubbed him the wrong way or struck him as uninteresting.

Books have always had a special place in sea lore. And so have drugs. But JQM has never been a drug user and has always preferred to be under the influence of books.

A trick or treater who shook JQM's faith in trick or treating.

Christmas in the city after all the pozole had been eaten. Kinda sad. Kinda not sad.

4th of July, sky spinning, cars streaking by, and JQM sensed very distinctly that every single thing matters.

Normally our second selves are invisible, or pretty darned elusive anyway. Not the case here with Cave.

Notes from JQM's underground.

Birds that raise the question of why we feel the need to compare ourselves?

With twenty-plus-years experience leading missions to the most treacherous and remote regions of the Sea, Chuck never forgot that first one.

Brautigan hiding behind a tree. How typical is that? No one knows.

Beams that JQM never could put his finger on.

The brain of an Angel Neuron contemplating an entirely different mode of existence, one that is outside the Plexiglas.

There's definitely something in the water.

A field of minnows that Nate swam through on his way to the halo.

Lion Head, Montana. Where JQM finally came to grasp the true difference living and dying.