Banshee and the Sperm Whale web version.

A sunset wedding in Kona.  An ugly secret discovered on an iPhone.  Experimental philosophical marriage counseling.  Time travel.  Diver Neurons and Angel Neurons separated by Sea and Sky.  Banshee and the Sperm Whale takes the reader on a journey into the unconscious mind of Martin, a biracial chef from Denver who suffers from a particular kind of overabundance.  Along the way, a modern allegory unfolds, and everyday notions about self-knowledge, the nature of good and evil, and possibility of finding meaning and spiritual significance in the face of inexorable uncertainty are turned inside out. 





"Jake Camp starts with an exotic island where social conventions are bent or abandoned and where linguistic invention is a way of life, mixes in characters that are somewhat beyond the fringe but not freakish, adds a dash of philosophy to keep you questioning everything, ladles it out with a style as fresh and salty as the sea that swells under every scene, and serves up a delicious literary dish entitled Facticity Blues. This is a bubbling bouillabaisse of a book, full of tasty surprises and layers of flavors that will please any reader’s palate."


Ron Cooper, author of Hume's Fork, Purple Jesus and The Gospel of the Twin


2nd Edition Coming Soon

"Fresh and thought-provoking, Facticity Blues is a delight, a philosophical frolic in the Garden of Eden"

–William Hjortsberg, author of Falling Angel

"A fascinating read about a surreal land where Scrabble is king, one with amusing parallels with the real word game scene."

–Craig Beevers, 2014-2015 World Champion of Scrabble and author Word Addict

Mountains and Sun